“Give Total Service for Fastindo Customer”

FASTINDOis the only one company which has professionaI  jointer who will help the customer in supervision and installation field.

FASTINDOwith 5 Years Guarantee” product, until now has lowest report of failure operation.

Fastindo Team Jointer
FASTINDO Team Jointer has been completely foflowed training from Prysmian- France, Cembre - Italy, Elpress - Sweden. Izuma - Japan. Until now jointer team of FASTINDO, consist of 5 groups, lead by jointer leader with 2 assistants.



Based on the evaluation and our experience since 1994 as businesses in this field then causes disruption SKTM cable jointing and termination 20kV mainly happens in the area of PT. PLN (Persero) Distribution of Jakarta and Tangerang can be divided into four elements main cause that we give the term SI PROMAK = Sistim - Produk - Manusia - Alat Kerja

Tools of Work
Each group has their own tools of work, consist of special tools for preparation until connecting cable, the tools are:
1. Hydraulic Crimping Tools. Hand Tools - Foot Pump or Electric Type.
2. Hydraulic Cable Cutter, for cutting the cable.
3. Semi Conductive Stripper.
4. Insulation Stripper.
5. Pencilling Tools.
6. Torch / Brander.
7. Tend and order standard jointer tools.
8. Handy Talky, as communication equipment tools.
The above tools is the best kind in the world of supporting FASTINDO product component which the best component in

Training Program
FASTINDO jointer team beside doing supervision and installation on field, also give a training program to contractor jointer and end users to fulfill the standard that recommended by FASTINDO.