MV. Termination

Installation Instruction 


Technology Elastic Slip - On
Material Silicone
Application • Connecting cable to busbar
  • Connecting cable to air wire
  • Connecting cable to bushing transformer
Benefit • A good operate in any work area
  • Follow the rhythm of cable work easy, fast and accurate in  instalation
  • Vertical, angled or inverted position
  • Energizing may take immediately
Features • ELastic
  • Non - Tracking
  • Modular Component
  • No Heating, or Filling
Cable Single and Three Core
  XLPE - EPR isolant,
  AI/Cu Conductor
  Shielded/ Non - Shielded
  Armoured I Non - Armoured
  PVC Jacketed
Additional  • Material Support for Installation
  • Terminal Lug Al, Cu or Bimetallic Al / Cu Type
  • Tin coated braid for grounding
Utilization     Indoor and Outdoor
Rating Voltage    6kV.l2kV.17,5kV.24kV-36kV
Size 25 up to 1600 sqmm