MV. Joint Heatsrinkable


Heatshrink product produced base on research and evaluation from engineers Fastindo who dedicated and has experience more than 20 years in cable accessories.
Medium Voltage jointing product has special design base on the best choice of special polimer material through crosslinked process

Heatshrink Product Design
Main component for HEATSHRINK jointing are:

Stress Control Tubing  A polimer with black colour have function for stress control Tubing voltage to semiconductive cable and connector
Insulation Tubing A polimer with red colour have function as isolation
Semiconductive Insulation Tubing A thick polimer, colour is red - black have function is to gain isolation thickness
Mastic The function is for stress control and prevent the water through inside the jointing
Wraparound  Sleeve Polimer sheet which has big size have function is covered and protect the outer jointing


Beside the main component, each kit HEATSHRINK jointing there are several component support which the function is to process jointing installation